2018 Boston Professional Pedagogy Workshop

Other Presentations

Guest Instructor

July 12 to July 15


Topics will include:

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Singing Mechanism
  • Classical and Musical Theater Comparative Pedagogies
  • Registration: Keeping It Simple
  • A Foundation of Voice Acoustics
  • What is Belting? How Do I Teach It?
  • The Male Belt
  • Alexander Workshop and Master Class
  • Vocal Health
  • Breathing: An Informed Choose Your Own Adventure
  • Teaching Genre-Fluid Singing: One Voice, Many Sounds!
  • Master Classes in Classical and Musical Theater
  • Voice, Speech, and Body: Introduction to Ideas of Linklater, Lessac, and Fitzmaurice
  • Pop Styles and Repertoire for Musical Theater

Courses are taught by Boston Conservatory at Berklee faculty, prestigious master teachers and guests, and doctors and staff from the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Voice Center. See the faculty list below.

Participants will leave with an enriched and functional understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the singing mechanism, knowledge of current developments in voice pedagogy and speech science, and a systematic practical approach to both classical and musical theater technique.

Participants who complete the workshop will receive a Boston Conservatory at Berklee Certificate of Vocal Pedagogy Professional Workshop—18 Professional Development Points (PDP)* possible.